News: signing at Reading

Posted: 21st August, 2014 | comments

we’re doing a last minute signing at the Action Aid tent at Reading Festival tomorrow. 3:25pm.
can only do a short-ish one – half hour or so – because of having to get ready for the set (main stage; 5:20pm), so first come first served and sorry in advance if we can’t see everyone.
we’ll also be doing a DJ set there at MIDNIGHT.
busy day. see some of you there! x

News: MERCH SALE (UK & Rest Of World Store).

Posted: 5th August, 2014 | comments

we recently(-ish) moved our merch over to the Remedy warehouse up in Herts, and used the opportunity to have a bit of a stock-check or stuff that has been in storage for a few years due to a lack of space. found a load of designs that haven’t seen the light of day for quite a long time! decided to put it up on the store at special prices in order to have a bit of a clearout.
on top of that, as its summer (still. for a bit, anyway) we thought we’d have a bit of a general “Summer Sale” across the board too.
SO… aside from the fact that by entering ESSUMMER20 at checkout will get you 20% off the cost of whatever you buy (includes music and most recent new merch designs too), you can also apply that to the stuff already in the “Sale” section and get yourself stupid bargain in the process! :)              have a look over at : for the older designs / Sale stuff. and for the general store stuff.


Posted: 30th July, 2014 | comments

We’re back to Spain in December for the first time in ages! Unfortunately, due to the time available and other stuff, its only three shows… but let’s make ‘em count eh??!
the dates are :
WED 03 DEC – MADRID – Sala Arena
FRI 05 DEC – BILBAO – Kafe Antzokia

tickets for all shows are on sale now, with ticket links at



News: Ambush Reality presents…

Posted: 21st July, 2014 | comments

Dear friends,
since its inception, Ambush Reality as a label has been solely a vehicle for the release of music by Enter Shikari. but this is more out of necessity, lack of free time, and not really hearing anything we’d want to release by anyone else.
all that changes today!
Monday 21st July sees the release of the first ‘non-Enter Shikari’ artist by Ambush Reality.
ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the gang… BABY GODZILLA!
a lot of you will be aware that these boys have shared many a stage with Enter Shikari over the past year, so its an honour to be releasing their new single; the very excellent ‘THE GREAT HARDCORE SWINDLE’.
it comes accompanied by a SHIKARI SOUND SYSTEM REMIX too (this will be the format for all Ambush Reality releases of this nature. A: original track. AA: SSS remix. keeps it neat, eh?).

the single is released as digital downloads from iTunes  and other digital retailers (including our own store at plus Spotify and all them places for streaming.
its also available as a very limited (500 copies worldwide) blue vinyl 7″ single from



Posted: 18th July, 2014 | comments

Minsk, Istanbul & Athens have been added to the run of shows for October!!
tickets for these shows will be available over the next couple of weeks.
tickets for all the other shows are available at now!