News: Ambush Reality presents…

Posted: 21st July, 2014 | comments

Dear friends,
since its inception, Ambush Reality as a label has been solely a vehicle for the release of music by Enter Shikari. but this is more out of necessity, lack of free time, and not really hearing anything we’d want to release by anyone else.
all that changes today!
Monday 21st July sees the release of the first ‘non-Enter Shikari’ artist by Ambush Reality.
ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the gang… BABY GODZILLA!
a lot of you will be aware that these boys have shared many a stage with Enter Shikari over the past year, so its an honour to be releasing their new single; the very excellent ‘THE GREAT HARDCORE SWINDLE’.
it comes accompanied by a SHIKARI SOUND SYSTEM REMIX too (this will be the format for all Ambush Reality releases of this nature. A: original track. AA: SSS remix. keeps it neat, eh?).

the single is released as digital downloads from iTunesĀ  and other digital retailers (including our own store at plus Spotify and all them places for streaming.
its also available as a very limited (500 copies worldwide) blue vinyl 7″ single from



Posted: 18th July, 2014 | comments

Minsk, Istanbul & Athens have been added to the run of shows for October!!
tickets for these shows will be available over the next couple of weeks.
tickets for all the other shows are available at now!



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This autumn, we’re heading out into some bits of Europe we’ve never been to (plus a couple that we HAVE been to before). Tickets on sale now / soon (depending on show) at


News: New song debut (live in rehearsal).

Posted: 26th June, 2014 | comments

ahead of it getting its live debut tonight (Thurs 26th June), here’s a rough-ish recording of a new song, from yesterday’s practice :

News: Footballunitedtheword

Posted: 11th June, 2014 | comments

hi all.
with popular soccer talent contest ‘The World Cup’ due to begin its omnipresent onslaught of our senses any day now, it is time to announce #FootballUnitedTheWorld.
this is a charity ‘World Cup Song’ project instigated by our good friends / colleagues Mr Dan Weller (producer of A Flash Flood Of Colour and our next studio album… guitarist in Sikth / In Colour… all ’round good guy) and Mr Steven Battelle (singer / songwriter / guitarist extraordinaire for LostAlone… Queen fan… Derbyshire resident).
They’ve co-written the track “Football United The World” and invited a whole host of luminaries of the ‘UK rock’ world to take part… WE are involved, of course, along with Baby Godzilla, Marmozets, LostAlone, Rob Lynch, Skindred, Kids In Glass Houses and loads more nice folk. Profits from the sales of the track (and whatever donations people want to make on top of that) will go to the Save The Children fund’s ‘Street Child World Cup’ charity.
The single is released on MONDAY 16th JUNE via iTunes and all other digital retailers.
For a load more info, please visit :
Please support the charity and the #FootballUnitedTheWorld in whatever way you can.
Thanks guys.
ES x