UK April / May Tour + Download Festival

16th January, 2013

Hi Everyone.

We said there’d be some UK / Ireland shows announced for 2013… so here they are!

So to follow on with what was said earlier in the week… “with the exception of one or two of the shows, none of them will be in what would be considered ‘major’ towns or cities (ie: no Manchester, Birmingham, London etc).
Most of the shows are around the 600 capacity mark.. so a little more ‘cozy’ than recent shows. Tickets, for some of them at least, are expected to fly quite quickly.
The shows will largely focus on the sort of places that the band have either never been before, not been to for years, or that don’t generally get shows at all.”

There’s a two day exclusive presale right now over at the shows section so you can get in there before everyone who doesn’t realise!

Main support for all shows is Hacktivist, openers still TBC. All shows 14+ (except Cork which is 18+. sorry, it was either that or no Cork show).
Yes, Hatfield is a little more expensive than the others, cos 1) this is a charity show, so we want to raise as much money for ActionAid UK as possible; and 2) we’ve got something special planned for that one. More on that at a later date…

Here’s the poster…



And yes, we’re back playing Download Festival for the first time in a while! That’s gonna be a real fun one!

See you about!

ES x