There has been a degree of gossip and tittle-tattle on the internet about the tour package we are currently part of here in the USA.
As much as we would prefer to stay out of this particular parade of tedious rumour-mongering, the amount of comments cluttering up our Facebook / Twitter etc has put us in a position where delivering some form of blanket statement in the hope of clarifying our own position seems like the better of whatever options are available to us, now that the “keep out of this” option has been removed from the table.

We accepted this tour because ;
a) it is in our nature to want to get out and play to new people and visit new places.
b) Letlive were also on the bill. Aside from being possibly the best band in America, they are also our friends and we enjoy touring with them.
c) We always like getting back to the US and seeing the friends / fans who come out to the shows each time.

So, with those points in mind, and to answer the people that have said we should pull out of this tour…
No, we won’t be doing that.

Aside from being financially crippling to leave any tour mid-way through, we have a commitment to playing music for the people who have bought tickets to come to the shows specifically to see us. It would not be right or fair to punish those people for the sake of some stupid storm in a teacup on Facebook that doesn’t even involve us.

We have no comment to make on the disagreement between the headline artist and the artist who is no longer on the tour. Both bands have issued their own statements, which have been reported elsewhere.

It is unfortunate that what is essentially a “disagreement in the workplace” has taken on the roll of “some big drama”, simply because the workers wear guitars rather than overalls. While it may be of benefit to some to see this as some kind of life-or-death dramatic incident, the reality is that it is a human resources issue.

Some people have commented that the singer of the headline band made a statement from the stage where he referred to us as “wannabe dubstep autotune fucking faggots” or somesuch. This comment was NOT directed at us at all, but rather at the band who are now no longer with the tour, so please do not be fighting that battle in our name.
That said… Enter Shikari does NOT condone the use of that sort of hate language under any circumstances. We feel it wholly inappropriate that phrases such as that should be used anywhere, but especially in light of the young and impressionable age of a large section of the headline artist’s audience.

Some people have also commented that our fans are being chucked out of shows. We have confidence that our fans come to the shows to enjoy the music and have a good time, and are not there with the purpose of spreading negativity or indulging in antagonistic behaviour.
As far as we know the people who have been thrown out have been for chanting the name of the band that are no longer on the tour, or accused of submitting the headline band to verbal abuse throughout the show, not simply for “being Enter Shikari fans” as some people have incorrectly suggested.
However we do not condone abuse of any kind, or unfair ejection, of any paying audience member by any band.

Enter Shikari stands for inclusivity, diversity and freedom of expression.

We look forward to finishing this tour with the minimum amount of fuss and seeing faces old and new along the way.

We’ve had a great time so far and have personally been treated very well by the headline band and their crew.

Thank you for letting us waste your time with this statement.