Uncategorized: Live and Acoustic at Alexandra Palace’s Victorian Theatre

Posted: 29th January, 2016 | comments

Ahead of our February 2016 headline show at London’s Alexandra Palace that closes or UK tour, we went into the venue in December 2015 to visit the site and to record a short acoustic set for a small audience of friends and competition winners.

Rather than use the 10,000 capacity space that will house the full-blown ‘arena rock show’, Ally Pally offered us the use of the seldom-seen-by-the-general-public Victorian Theatre for the recording. The theatre, largely unused in this century, is a hidden gem behind the main building. A 2500 capacity ornate room that has, over the past 100+ years, served as not only a place of entertainment but also a haven for Belgian refugees, a BBC props store, and a German internment camp.

Footage from the set can be seen below, and three of the tracks will be available for streaming and download as a ‘Live & Acoustic at Alexandra Palace EP’ via all outlets from Monday 1st February.

EP tracklist ; 

1) Torn Apart (Live & Acoustic at Alexandra Palace)
2) Myopia (Live & Acoustic at Alexandra Palace)
3) One True Colour (Live & Acoustic at Alexandra Palace)


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News: things on the UK+Rest Of World Store + Covers 7″ + + +

Posted: 5th December, 2015 | comments

we’re heading towards the festive season. so <puts on ‘shopkeeper’ hat> let’s make some bargains.

BUT, first… what about that white label 7″ that some people got through the post last week? what was all THAT about?
well, we decided that it’d be nice to do something nice. so we had about 400 copies of a 7″ pressed up. it features the covers of Rage Against The Machine & System Of A Down tracks that were recorded for Kerrang! and Rock Sound earlier in 2015.
we took 100 of them, and had them sent to 100 people who had bought stuff from our webstore a couple of times in the past year. we don’t know who they went to, we just asked the MusicGlue and Remedy guys to sort it and print out 100 address labels chosen at random from the list of folks who fit the criteria.
anyway, people got them and seemed excited by them. so it feels like a successful experiment.
loyalty has its rewards :)

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News: Europe 2016

Posted: 28th October, 2015 | comments

Mainland Europe! We’re pleased to announce a couple of weeks of shows for next March.

***ALSO… We’re happy to announce that we’ll be headlining the ZaxidFest in Ukraine in August, and appearing at Greenfield in Switzerland in June too ***

See you next year.


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News: UK instore signings for The Mindsweep : Hospitalised

Posted: 14th October, 2015 | comments

heading out for a handful of scribbling and “hello” sessions for the release of ‘The Mindsweep ; Hospitalised’.
check with your local store etc for finer details, but the headline facts are ;

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