The labour of love / millstone around our necks that is
is out now in the UK!!

(it’ll be a few days later in some of Europe etc… and we’re still TRYING to sort it for North America.. but Interscope were never that helpful when we were working with them, so now we’ve buggered off..?)

its available as a special CD/2xDVD set… and here’s what it includes :
CD – ‘Live at Hatfield. Christmas 2010’
+ DVD 1 – ‘Live At Hatfield. Christmas 2010’ + ‘Live At July Underworld. August 2010’.
+ DVD 2 – ‘Fizzy Water & Spikey Blankets (A Weekend In Russia. May 2010)’ + ‘Live At Hammersmith. February 2010’ + ‘Live At Summersonic, Tokyo. August 2009’.

its in all good record stores and online places… like : (£11.99 inc free P+P in the UK) –;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=168172

For those amongst you who maybe just want the actual live album, rather than having to look at us too… iTunes are doing the ‘Live At Hatfield’ album MP3s PLUS four videos for only £5.99. :

if you want a little look at some of it… have a little click of this :—juggernauts/1046744403001

AND… something that is ONLY be available from us from is THIS….

A limited edition box-set edition of the release is available to pre-order NOW
ONLY from
As well as containing the standard version of the ‘Live From Planet Earth’ set, the box also holds :
DVD 3 – which compiles archive footage recorded by the band, crew, family & friends next to professionally shot footage from all over the world. WARNING… ONLY available as part of this box set.
some of this footage dates back as far as 2005 (!!) and includes songs long lost into the mists of time.
+ ‘Images From Planet Earth’ – a 60 page photo scrapbook of shots taken around the world. Backstage, onstage, in the van, drunk, asleep.. no corner of the ‘live on the road’ experience has been left untouched. Again… ONLY available as part of this box set.
+ an Enter Shikari laminate that will, over time, occasionally allow special discounts / surprises when presented at the merch desk at shows (we’re still figuring out how this will work practically. We’re getting there, but aren’t 100% on top of it yet).
Yep, its… ONLY available as part of this box set.

but wait…. there’s more….

ALSO available now is the 2×7″ set of ‘QUELLE SURPRISE’.

it consists of 2 x coloured vinyl (one red / one white) 7″s… its limited to 1000 copies worldwide…. and it features the tracks :
‘Quelle Surprise’ + ‘Hectic (Live At Hatfield)’ + ‘Destabilise (ROUT Remix)’ + ‘Destabilise (Creatures Of Love Remix)’

again, its available from all good records stores NOW (may we recommend Banquet Records : as well as from us at

them people who like digital files rather than bits of vinyl… you need :