If you got yourself the Live From Planet Earth boxset version, you’ll see you got a laminate in the box.

This laminate will, all being well and with technology on our side, provide you with a small discount on merchandise at shows* as well as the occasional special surprise etc (in all honesty, we’re making this up as we go along. but, rest assured, you’ll see the benefit of having one over time).

ANYWAY… you’ll see that the laminate you got with it has a barcode on the back.
To activate the laminate, you have to fill in the boxes below so we know who owns what barcode number and where they’re based. Most of the info is private and not shared with anyone, but your name and location will be listed on this page as part of a ‘Hall Of Fame’ of lucky owners of the box 🙂 Remember to bring your card to shows!

* for legal and logistical reasons, the laminates are only valid for UK / IRELAND / EUROPEAN *HEADLINE* SHOWS ONLY (NOT at festivals etc), and only for ONE USE PER SHOW.