Fellow human beings around the world. I hope you all had a great year.

Alright, good, that’s the niceties over with, because I’m here to speak about OUR 2012! Haha.

We released our 3rd studio album, ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’ right at the start of 2012, it entered the official UK Album Charts at #1 in the midweeks and ultimately charted at #4 at the end of the week.
‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’ was also our first opportunity to release an album properly in the United States and Canada (thanks to our new label / friends out there at Hopeless Records).
Following its release we self-promoted a full sold out UK tour (ending with a massive Hammersmith Apollo show), subjugated the States with our first proper US headline tour, and played a colossal amount of European and UK festivals, from Rock Am Ring / Rock Am Park in Germany, to Kubana in Russia, and Reading/Leeds in the UK (for which we were voted best band of the weekend by readers of NME.com! thanks you guys).

Winning the Kerrang! Awards gong for ‘Best Live Band’ thanks to your votes was a big one for us this year. Thanks again to everyone that voted.
and ending 2012 with ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’ so high in so many magazine / website ‘Albums Of The Year’ charts, including the huge ‘Album of 2012’ #1 spot in Kerrang was such an honour.

Touring everywhere from South Africa to New Zealand to Japan, it all went by in what now seems a blur, but the passionate faces in the crowds, the deafening chanting back of lyrics, these images and sounds will never fade from our memories.
Thank you all for your unrelenting support.

2013 takes us throughout mainland Europe in January. It takes us to a recording studio in a secret location in February. It takes us to the US for another headline tour in March (news on that VERY soon). It takes us back to the UK for something special in April (and news on that too. keep an eye out next couple of weeks). It takes us to a select few festivals in Europe during the summer.
And then? well, who knows? But a more substantial period locked away in a studio will definitely beckon.

On a global scale it is now becoming very apparent that the system we live in can no longer support the sustainable progress of our species. It is an honour therefore to be able to travel and experience the sense of determination and unity from people everywhere on this globe as we begin to reject the old values and look forward to new possibilities.
Stay inquisitive, stay educated, stay powerful.

There are 627,000 hours in a average human lifespan. You may have only spent an hour or so with us at shows, or listening to our music, or you may have dedicated a far larger proportion of your limited time on this earth. Whatever time you have spent with us, we appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Have a smashing 2013 everyone.

In solidarity.

Enter Shikari